A quick guide to starting beekeeping the first thing to do would be to join our club !! then attend some meetings to ask your questions and meet people interested in bees like you then if you feel you would like to purchase bees, you must be registered with biosecurity then I have included a list of things you should consider purchasing all of this even before you start looking for bees 

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Now that you have done all the things above, it is time to purchase your beekeeping gear. This is a list of the minimum you should consider

1. basic veil one that comes with a hat or one that fits over a hat you already own

2. hive tool pick up as many as you can at the beekeeping store to find the one that feels good to you. It is critical as you have this in your hand a lot.

3. Smoker if you purchase a good one now, you will have it for a long time. The cheap ones work but don't last again. Your choice and it is your budget.

4.  the best quality hive base you can afford in timber or plastic. It is your choice

5.   Hive box, you will need three, but you can spread the purchase out over the next 2 or 3 months again timber or plastic to suit your budget and preference.

6.   Frames to fit the hive boxes 10 for the brood chamber and 9 for each of the honey suppers 28 in total, your choice timber or plastic or any combination of the two. if you decide to use eight frame equipment, you will need 24 frames in total

7.   foundation to fit the frames plastic or high-quality Australian wax

8. inner cover

 9. lid ventilated or not

10 Hive stand, the beekeeping supply shops have some great ones, or you can use Bessa blocks and timber beams. if you are handy with a welder, you could build your own 

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