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Flow Hives

  • 18 Aug 2016 6:09 AM
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    The Flow Hive Created by a father son team of Professional bee keepers in Northern NSW. Crowd funded an idea in 2015 they had developed over a 10 year period. They released a YouTube video over the internet and were swamped with enquiries and orders for the system. It seems you could set up a hive and turn the tap! Of course the system was designed not to change bee keeping but to improve one of the elements and make the frames more efficient to rob with less interference of the bees when collecting Honey. The idea is still in its infancy with many people now received the kits with Brood boxes and Supers in the kit. Many people who have purchased the kit of course have never had bee keeping experience or have knowledge of the bees, and this is where the importance of new people to bee keeping spend time with the local bee keepers in the area closest to them. To observe and learn as much as they can before setting bees up within their hives themselves. As the hive requires close observation  for strength of colony and awareness of possible disease. There is helpful information through our club to guide you through and many books that are able to be be borrowed through the club not to mention regular open days with club members to observe every step of the process in keeping bees.

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