10 Frame hive with 2 full depth supers for sale

  • 29 Jan 2023 10:54 PM
    Message # 13076983

    10 Frame full depth Langstroth hive with 2 supers.

    Each super contains 10 Frames.

    Hive has the following characteristics:

    • Very strong in numbers.
    • Good temperament
    • Queen is approx 1 year old.
    • Good laying pattern.
    • Brand new plastic 10 frame full depth brood chamber, supers and vented lid.
    • Brand new Hive Doctor base with hive beetle trays.
    • 30 total full depth frames, oldest dated frames 10/2022

    The honey in the supers are included as part of the sale.

    Asking Price is  $750

    If interested in arranging for an inspection, please contact me via this post.

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